DJ Station / Radar Table

What is it

DJStation is an interactive and audiovisual installation created for the Digital Natives exhibition which took place at Aarhus Kunstbygning in December 2010.

What it does

Dj Station allows the user to interact with the musical universes of seven ‘digital natives’ i.e. individuals who were born after the advent of the digital age, and thus are considered to have a better ability to adapt to the new digital tools such as smartphones and tablets, and using these to communicate on social media and managing their digital life.

So basically the installation allows you to create music out of various sound loops provided by the young digital natives. With this kind of interaction design, we wanted to the public to experience some of the remix and mash-up concepts, which are hallmarks of the digital native generation.

What did I do

I worked as a sound- and interaction-designer on this exhibition, and I was particularly involved in the creation of DJ Station. My role was mainly to program the audio engine and the controller mappings but I was also involved in the interface- and interaction-design.

Who did I work with

DJ Station was developed by an incredible team of audio- and interaction-designers from CAVI and Digital Urban Living (University of Aarhus).

DJ Station is still being developed by CAVI under the new name Radar Table.  It has been displayed in places like the NEXT exhibition and at the SPOT festival. On these occasions electronic musician and composer Henrik Munch has played original music with the installation.

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